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MSD Animal Health is proud to support the award as it provides the winner with priceless mentoring opportunities and exposes them to leaders from across Australia and New Zealand. The award also supports those who are remarkably passionate about improving the industry.

MSD Animal Health Intelligence is the world’s leading animal intelligence group, providing world-class devices for animal identification and traceability.


Allflex Livestock Intelligence (recently acquired as part of the business unit within MSD Animal Health Intelligence) has been a proud sponsor of the award since its inception back in 2014. Allflex celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2020 and is expanding to now have a global footprint. Allflex maintains two production facilities in the ANZ region, in Brisbane Australia, and Palmerston North, New Zealand. The company's core focus is on the identification, traceability and monitoring of livestock to provide producers with data driven, actionable insights.

Te Mania Angus has joined forces with The Zanda McDonald Award in order to assist them with finding and mentoring outstanding young Australians and New Zealanders in agriculture

For more than 90 years, Te Mania Angus genetics have played a pivotal role in the Angus shift to become the most sought after breed in Australasia, at every level of the beef production chain.  Today Te Mania Angus provides proven genetics to build high quality and profitable breeding herds. Extensive progeny testing and processing feedback confirms that Te Mania Angus genetics consistently outperform breed benchmarks, dominating EBV and the vital $Index tables.

Westpac Australia and Westpac New Zealand are proud to support to the Zanda McDonald Award, which recognises and supports the future leaders in our industry.  Westpac has shared a long and rich association with the rural, remote and regional communities

We are committed to the Australasian agricultural industry and ensuring it is strongly supported and positioned for continued growth into the future.

Our experienced Westpac Agribusiness teams live and work in the community and share our customer’s vision, and together we work closely to achieve great things within the primary sector. Many of our team are farmers themselves, which gives them a unique perspective on all matters related to running a strong and resilient agribusiness.

Westpac Australia and Westpac New Zealand are committed to the long-term prosperity of the agriculture sector, and the Zanda McDonald Award is one example of how we’re helping our future leaders in the sector take their careers to the next level.

To speak to a Westpac agribusiness specialist regarding all things agriculture, be it purchasing rural property, new farm equipment right through to day to day working capital, visit us here for Westpac Australia, and here for Westpac New Zealand.

In 2005, Shane McManaway, formerly of Allflex Australasia, pulled together a handful of like-minded farmers to spin some yarns and solve a few industry problems. Today, this once-small group has evolved into a powerful collective of over 150 of Australia and New Zealand’s top rural leaders. The combined horsepower of the Group - its knowledge, experience, drive and resources - means it is well-placed to tackle the toughest of industry problems and come up with smart initiatives that will help agri-business in both countries. 


The Group's key objective is to provide a forum for leading producers and professionals, from across the farming landscape, to discuss and debate pertinent issues affecting the agricultural industry. With a truly Trans-Tasman outlook, the Group provides an international platform for members to network, share their thoughts and ideas and impart their experience to others. Given its wealth of knowledge, the Group is also a 'come-to' organisation for anyone in (or aligned to), agriculture who might need a helping hand.

ACM is made up of more than 170 leading rural and regional newspapers and community-based websites. It's bolstered by the representation of over 100 independent titles. Combined they serve millions of people in every state and territory across Australia.

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